• Thomas Nyte

I Hope I Got All The Good Stories Out Of Them

Those who search for patterns hidden in our forthcoming album might be tempted to label us a bunch of downers. Trauma and drama. Family and grief. Mortality and near-death experiences. You’ll hear the word “die” pretty often. “I will die with the light in my eyes.” “When we die does it even really happen if no one is there to hear it happen?” I will die on the Italian coast.”

Though we may appear a group of huge bummers, I don’t believe that’s the case at all. But while I don’t want to speak for my bandmates, I suppose, maybe, that we’re all a little emo on this one – not so much in sound, but in spirit. I think, perhaps, that the impetus behind our penchant for darkness lies not in a shared (or individual) proclivity for sonic gloom, but in an earnest appeal to ourselves to continue fighting to stay in the light.

Our album is set to be called I Hope I Got All The Good Stories Out Of Them. (Big reveal!). The title is based on something a close family member of mine said after her mother passed away, effectively leaving her an adult orphan. She said the day following that she hoped she’d gleaned all the best stories from both her parents. I hope that a similar earnestness and honesty comes through in our music, and I hope this album fosters an expression of yearning; wanting to continue feeling it all when feeling it all can often suck.

Now that I’ve counterproductively convinced you all that I am, in fact, a big ol’ downer, here’s a little pick me up: the track list for the album!

I Hope I Got All The Good Stories Out Of Them:

1) Sleeper

2) Four Years

3) Satellite

4) Good Posture

5) Roma

6) Split Between The Eyes

7) Rest

8) Favourite Books

9) St. Michael In Peril Of The Sea

10) In Or Belonging To The Past

And on that note—save the date! On December 12, we’re going to be playing a big, sad Christmas show with some likeminded miserables at the Biltmore Cabaret! Tickets are available here for $12.

See you there,