• Thomas Nyte

Four Years

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

When last I wrote a blog post for this band, I was a lot younger. Or I felt a lot younger, at least. It was late spring 2015, and we’d just released our first EP and returned from a truly fun and strangely humbling string of Western Canada shows – our first, and, thus far, only tour.

While I’m not one to bemoan the inexorability of aging (or to suggest that four years is anything more than an ionic blip, cosmically speaking), the shift from early to late twenties can be an immense and crappy ride. It’s like a good road trip that’s gone on a few days too long, and even though you’re still having a good time, you’re getting just a little bit tired of all the driving.

But I digress, because, superseding my transitory, time-based insecurity is all that’s actually happened the last four years. And while I won’t yet go into intensive detail yet (stay tuned for future blog posts!), I feel a need to share, at the very least, that the road has led us to two things:

Thing #1: New music!

Big marquee, neon lights! Our new tunes are ready! Fkn’ finally!

On the aforementioned tour of Western Canada, we finished writing a song called Four Years, which, oddly enough, was written in reference to the four years prior to 2015. It seems now fitting that, four years later, we’ll finally be releasing its completed version alongside nine other brand new songs – all written at various points since we last toured – on our first full-length album.

No official release date has been set, but, barring an act of god, I can say with reasonable certainty it will be birthed into the world before year’s end.

Possibly sooner. Probably.

In the meantime, stay tuned: we’ll be releasing a full track list and album title ASAP, as well as more posts pertaining to tones, themes, and influences you’ll find on the album.

It has been an outrageously lengthy, arduous, and often frustrating process to put this album together. And yet, we’re so proud and excited for the final product, and we would gladly go through it all again knowing now how thrilled we are with the result. We’re so genuinely excited for you all to hear the things we’ve been working on!

Which brings me to the next thing:

Thing #2: New Shows!

Things are ramping up, guys! In May, we did a mini-tour of the Okanagan, playing shows in Kelowna and Penticton, shaking off the rust – it had been three years since our last show! Then, in July, we played two shows: one at Khatsahlano Street Party, and one at SBC with rad local emo bands Seablush and Mystery Lover. Both shows absolutely ripped.

Coming up next: we’re tremendously excited to be playing the famous Fox Cabaret, opening up for the The Appleseed Cast on August 16th! Super excited for this one – The Appleseed Cast has had a marked influence on all of us, and music they wrote 10-15 years ago is still hugely relevant within the emo/indie scene. Tickets are available for $17.50 here.

We can’t wait to play this show and more. The future is bright, friends. We’re in what I’ve found to be a rare circumstance as a band: a situation wherein everything is looking up. There’s plenty on the horizon, and it all looks good.

More soon!